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SSD endurance/life paranoia.


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I've got a pair of 90GB Force 3's running as a RAID-0 system drive, in a machine I built in Oct 2012, and run day-in, day-out ever since.


I had succumbed to the aforementioned paranoia about SSD life, and moved various things to my data HDD (browser caches, search index, page file etc') from the outset.


A recent check on total writes (in Crystaldiskinfo) over these past 2+ years, and then a quick calculation (based on a conservative cell life of 3000 erase/write cycles) reveals that they have ............


........about 220 years of life left! LoL!


Everything except the page file is about to go back on the SSD's.

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I would not rely on software to estimate the life of an SSD.


Use the SSD normally and remember to regularly make backups of your data on the SSD.


For sure - I image the system to an HDD every month or two, and keep the most recent 3.

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....each of the 90GB drives currently has 2,500GB of writes over 26 months, or c. 1,150GB per year.


Given that TRIM is working properly, hence wear-levelling optimised, then the total life for them should be 90GB x 3000 writes - 270,000 GB.


Hence remaining life is (theoretically) 270,000 / 1,150 = 234 years.


The point I was making is that I was unduly worried, as many people were/are, about actually wearing out the NAND cells, and in moving a lot of temporary file writing to the HDD clunker (even if it is also a RAID 0) losing many of the performance benefits of the SSD's.


I occasionally do some video and audio editing/transcoding, and some gaming, and I've tended to put tmp/scratch disc locations for various applications on the HDD - these are also (largely) going back on the SSD's.


Maybe, just maybe, if I was doing this on a daily basis, writing 10's upon 10's of GB of temp files, I might think again, but even then I suspect the projected life of the NAND chips would still be 10+ years.

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