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Older Corsair Force F60: Erase? Flash?


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Granted, I'm not a techie but this forum and site doesn't seem too user friendly.


I have a Corsair F60 (CSSD-F60GB2) that may be bricked but I'd like to try to Flash/Erase/Restore if at all possible.


What I've been able to gather on this forum is that the Corsair SSD Toolbox does not work with my SSD and that there isn't much I've been able to search and find that help me accomplish what I want to do.


What I'm trying to achieve is take this Corsair SSD that use to run Windows 7 64 on a newer Intel 1055 system, wipe it and try to install Windows XP Professional 64 on an older HP Intel P4 system which is having it's own set of serious problems. But I need to get to a factory fresh state with this SSD before troubleshooting the rest of my headaches.


So, with this Corsair F60 how do I do what I hope is a destructive flash that will wipe and reset this thing back to an untouched, ready to format and install state?

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I thought I mighta takin' it out (still might have - I erased the 100mb system rese partition)... but bios sees it.


I pulled it up in device manager and in it's device properties it appears to have firmware 2.4 under deviceid.


Now if I can accomplish a secure erase I can move on to my major problems!!!


(To Be Continued)

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