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Should I update Force 3 firmware from 5.03?


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Greetings all, post #1.


I've got a pair of 90GB Force 3's running as a RAID 0 system drive, built in Oct 2012.


I updated the firmware from (IIRC) 5.02 to 5.03 before the Win 7 install, and the machine has run completely and utterly flawlessly for over 2 years (once got BSOD courtesy of software), with sequential read/write speeds c. 420 MB/s & 175 MB/s in Crystaldiskmark, which seem pretty good.


TRIM works perfectly - the Intel Z77 chipset was (fortunately) the first to support it in RAID (I didn't know what TRIM was when I started the build).


So, is there any reason I should update to the latest firmware? I ask because it's bit of a palaver with the RAID - I'd have to set the SSD's back to AHCI in the BIOS then use a DOS boot device.

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As I mentioned, since the system has always run perfectly, a firmware update would be "fixing it when it ain't broke".


Is there a list somewhere of any issues that the latest firmware 'fixed' for the Force 3's?


[PS - ran Atto on the drive(s) yesterday;


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honestly you answered yourself, if its been running flawlessly then its best to leave it alone.

my Force3 drive is also 1 version behind but runs extremely well so i have no use for firmware when im not experiencing any issues at all.



Indeed. I guess I was suffering a minor case of 'upgraditis' or looking for a 'free lunch'.


I suppose what I really meant to ask was;


are there any gains in performance to be had with the later firmware?


Guessing again; it was released to ensure compatibility with later hardware/chipsets than I'm using (mine is all roughly contemporaneous with the Force 3's themselves).



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There's no reason to upgrade to newer firmware. No performance increases.


But wait!.........


Notice the drop-out in read-speed @ 8 - 32 KB in the ATTO benchmark? It's been consistent over several runs.


Just kidding (I think).


ETA >> maybe related to stripe size, 32 KB?

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