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Quandary Replacement Memory


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After a long battle with my new machine.


Symptoms were. Stable 3D Games etc. But unstable 2D spreadsheets, browsing, emails, etc.


I finally tracked it, with the help of this site, to a faulty module that constantly failed Memtest-86 test 7 with 2000+ errors.


My system is a K8V-SE-deluxe with AMD64 3400+


The manufacturer installed Twinx1024 (CMX512-3200C2PT)


The long and short of the arguments with the manufacturer is I opened the case to check the memory so they say I broke it :(


So my question is.


I have one good module and one duff module.


1)Do I buy another CMX512-3200C2PT and will it work with the existing module?


2)Do I buy another Twinx1024 and dump the working module?


3)Finally if I bought another Twinx1024 (They currently seem to be cheaper than buying singles?) could I use my working module to get 1.5Gb

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Thank you for your generous offer.


But my computer wasn't built by a company that is listed on your site.


It was Mesh Computers in the UK.


So I am unable to take advantage of your warranty.


That's why I wanted to know what to buy as a replacement or supplement to my remaining working module.


This time though I will purchase my new memory from either Scan or DABS in the UK (who are listed on your site) so I can make use of your warranty if I have any further problems in the future.


So I'm afraid my question still stands, can I make use of my remaining module or do I have to discard it and replace everything as a matched set?

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