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h60 came with dead pump


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Hi folks.


Just installed a h60 and the pump seems to be dead. It's a new H60.


I tried plugging the pump to all 4/3 pin connectors. I tested two fans on the same conconnectors and they worked. Cpu temperature hits 85C (according to bios) in 30 seconds and the mobo's protection shuts the system down.


Any ideas to debug it? Already changed the thermal grease and rotated the pump in all directions.

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Sounds like a DOA if its not running on any 4/3pin headers on the motherboard. You can try connecting the pump directly to the PSU using a 3-pin to molex adapter to see if it runs but i doubt it if it does not run on any 3-pin header on the motherboard.


Contact your seller and ask if they can replace it or request an RMA tor replace it.

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