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Blue LED Availability


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Hey guys,


I have searched all over the web (reputable stores) and here in Nor Cal for a K70 Cherry MX Red, with Blue LED's and nothing...natha...nope...no where. Do you know when more are shipping out. I can't be the only one looking for the Blue LED's. There are reds all over the place, but no Blue LEDs. Please help. Again. I live here in Nor Cal (Sacramento).



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There is this one but its pretty expensive for an non RGB keyboard. (CH-9000085-NA)



If you cannot find a cheaper price for the keyboard it would probably be best to consider an RGB K70 instead.


Thanks Toasted...


Yeah I saw that one. I was hoping that someone from Corsair could give me an idea of when the BLUE LED would ship out to retailers. I don't want to pay price HACK prices...when u r right...I could just get the RGB for less. Anyway, I really appreciate you helping me search for the Blue LED one. I have decided that this is the keyboard for me any would love to get my hands on one sooner then later.

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