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Corsair force gs 128gb trim failed.


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Hi Guys,


I recently rma'ed my force 3 ssd after 2.5 yrs failed and now i got the gs force 128gb .


It was little slow when compared to force 3. But ok. I was wondering what could be the issue. As i only had the option to restore system image. But i was not sure when i manually applied trim it failed.


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May be the time i created account here i had windows 7 and later upgraded to windows 8 and now 8.1 64 bit.


I just dont know why the performance is not even close to force 3. Force gs came after that. Only difference is the storage of addtional 8gb and also no overprovision from factory as cache.


Does there needs to be a cache as big as 8gb . Since force 3 has that by default.

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