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H105 connecting the pump


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How should I connect the H105

Cpu_Fan: Y Splitter and 2 fans into it.

Cpu_Opt: H105 Pump.




Cpu_Fan: 1 Fan

Cpu_Opt: Header 1 Fan

Case_Fan1: H105 Pump



Cpu_Fan: 1Fan

Cpu_Opt Header: 1Fan

PSU -> Molex -> Molex To 3 Pin -> H105 Pump



With the first solution I am afraid that PWM will decrease speed of pump (?) (Especially that Cpu_Opt is a mirror of Cpu_Fan so if motherboard decides to lower rpm through PWM on Cpu_Fan, the Cpu_Opt would get the same thing and I know that pump must run on maximum voltage). Unless the Pump always takes 12V and doesn't respond to fourth PIN and ignores the PWM impulses?. Confuusing..

With second solution im not sure how it will work.. I could Max Out Voltage for the case fan header in Bios but if I ever reset bios settings and forget.. doesn't strike me as safe solution.


My motherboard will be ROG Maximus Hero VII

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You should use the CPU_Fan for the pump without a doubt. That way if you have a problem your mobo can call it out. Just be sure to set your BIOS to run it at 100% all the time or else you can have pump problems. The Y splitter can be plugged in anywhere, it doesn't really matter.
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Well feel free to do what you want, but if your pump goes out, you won't know it since the H105 doesn't have LED's or anything to let you know if it's working or not. When I was switching my parts over to a new case, I forgot to hook up my H100i's SATA connector and was getting CPU_Fan errors preventing boot up. If you hook your fans up to the CPU_Fan header then your BIOS won't know that the pump has died and you'll be cooking your CPU. If your fans die, the rad will still passively cool CPU enough for you to get on Amazon or on this site to RMA your cooler, can't say the same if you hook up the pump elsewhere.
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I'd love to know the answer to this too. I've been looking into this for the past 6 weeks while researching my build. Lots of different approaches and given your original post, I suspect you've been reading the same stuff. The one thing that is consistent across the last 3 series of MB's is Asus states "do not to plug the pump into CPU_FAN or CPU_OPT". Even on the new X99 ROG edition, they are claiming the CPU & OPT headers are inexorably linked. I don't know the real answer, but will probably find out more in the next hour or so when I hook a H110 into and Asus X99-Pro. What concerns me is how consistent Asus is about not plugging it in there. Nobody is ever consistent. I makes me wonder if there isn't another issue. Perhaps this is simply a defensive measure to discourage people from plugging in pumps to the board. I don't know what kind of juice the H105/110 pumps use. I'm having a hard time finding that number.
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You can use the Y-splitter on the CPU_FAN header or just use the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT headers. I'd probably just use the Y-splitter on the CPU_FAN header, plug the pump into one of the case fan headers, disable fan control on that header, and call it a day.
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