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H60 - buy longer tubes?


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Hi. New comer here.


I bought a h60 for my htpc, but it doesn't fit where you'd normally put it. I have fractal node 605 case.


I can mount it elsewhere but I'd need longer hoses. Am I able to mod the h60 and put longer hoses on it?


I know I'd be voiding warranty.

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Is the H60 Pump meant to run at 4500 RPM (plus/minus 100 RPM) when set to 100%? I have manually set the pump to run 100% all the time. Is this correct?


I managed to make the H60 fit. When I say "make", I actually mean I compromised. I have the fan mounted externally to my case, pulling the air from inside the case and radiator, all other fans direct air in to the case, so the air in the case has no choice but to exit thru the radiator and sucked out by the fan.


I'm using my mainly htpc to also play my game here and there, it is a cpu intensive game (and hence, the aio cooler). No other games are played. I couldn't justify buying another cooler. I am satisfied with my solution.


(All temps in Celsius)

Room temp: 25

Cpu idle temp: 32-33

gtx 780 temp: 28

mb temp: 28-30


(In-game --- before h60 installation)

cpu max temp: 88

gpu max temp: 38


(after h60 install)

cpu max temp: 67

gpu max temp: 38


h60 pump and radiator remain cool to touch during intensive gameplay periods (2 hour play, with heavy detail; basically it manages a very heavy load). Case remains cool after long periods of being left running. very Slight increase in temp, but to be expected, but pc runs super quiet, only noise comes from h60 pump.

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Yes, the pump should run at a constant (100%) speed all the time. Also, Corsair pumps have a speed multiplier of 2, so in reality your pump speed is one half that number. Different monitoring programs may interpret it as a fan and give you a doubled RPM reading. My H80i is cruising at 2202 right now.
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