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Vengeance 1500 7.1 Headset killing Keyboard Function


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Hey guys, let me just begin to explain to you guys what happens.


My computer starts and detects both my mouse, keyboard and headset fine. They all work fine. However, as soon as my computer plays sound through my headset, my keyboard functionality immediately stops, in all ways, I can't even set the brightness on the keyboard or do anything except fiddle with the BIOS Switch. I have tested it and narrowed it down to it only being the headset, by typing while switching my "default device" for sound from my headset to my speakers and as soon as the sound comes through my speakers, keyboard functionality immediately returns. I can also stop whatever application is playing sound and my keyboard is fine, however, for the duration that sound is played through my headset, my keyboard will not work in any way shape or form.

Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Red Fully mechanical.

Mouse: Corsair Vengeance M95.

Headset: Corsair Vengeance 1500 7.1 Dolby headset.


Explanation of my currently installed drivers and system setup. I have the M95 drivers installed, updated and completely set up. I have checked and re-checked that all my keyboard "auto-install" drivers are done and working fine, by going through my entire device manager. I have installed the on-site drivers for my 1500 headset aswell and fully set it up.


Stuff I've done to try and solve it is reinstall every single driver associated with the problem items numerous times, I have checked device manager over and over, deleted hidden non-detected devices, reinstalled and everything, not in a single stage of installation of drivers, built-in or downloaded from the sites did this problem disappear. I have swapped the USB ports that they're plugged into every single combination on the back of my case. I have checked my BIOS to make sure everything is okay there. I have tried MANY other sound devices and ALL of them have no affect on my keyboard and I have also tried another keyboard and it never lost functionality to my headset, for a time though my headset used to interfere with the functionality of my mouse.


Basically I have eliminated all the variables and the only constant that remains is my headset, since if I plug it out it does not raise a single issue with my setup. The problem is either with the drivers, when they're active, but I struggle to see that being a possibility, since the K70 has built-in drivers. The only other option is that the PC might confuse the output signal to the headset with the input signal of the keyboard, meaning they can't do both at the same time, but is that even possible? Considering they are using 2 different USB ports.


I have been searching the entire day and only managed to find a single case of someone with my exact same issue.


However, it seems that he was never truly assisted with his issue.


Please help me with this, I really like Corsair products since their quality is simply unparalleled, I do not want to return these headies.

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What driver version is currently installed for the headset?

Have you tried it without the Corsair drivers? Does the keyboard still lose functionality?


Put in a support ticket, explain your situation and see if Corsair too can help. Note the holiday schedule meaning a reply may take a few days more than normal.

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Hi guys, I managed to solve my issue by plugging my headset into a USB 2.0 slot instead of a 3.0 slot. It was an odd way for it to bug out, but I guess I can't blame anyone or anything but myself. I hope this fix gets seen by others with the same issue, it was quite demoralizing when it hit me.
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