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Why do all the PC tool kits suck?

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So my cousin is getting into computers and I wanted to get him a basic set of tools to get him started. I looked around at various so-called PC tool kits and they all appear to have been put together by people who have never worked on a computer before. I saw one from Rosewill with a hammer in it. :bigeyes: Seriously? When am I ever going to hammer a PC? How was a hammer a bigger priority than a PSU tester? As far as I can tell a decent PC tool kit doesn't exist and I'll just have to make one myself for him. If I had the money I'd start a PC tool kit company. I'd have a functional monopoly since I'd be the only one selling a half way decent one. Anyway, sorry for my rant. I can't be the only one who's noticed this though, right?
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iFixit has some nice toolkits. Here's one (that's totally overkill for a beginner): Repair Business Toolkit


It doesn't have a PSU tester, but it does have a digital multimeter.



Realistically speaking though not much more than a good screwdriver set and some anti-static stuff is needed. You only really need a PSU tester if you run into that. Pretty rare. Damned if I know where mine is :)


In otherwords - only buy new tools if/when you need them.



For an IT professional who wants everything with them just in case, I'd suggest:

  • Screwdriver kit
  • Other tools - scissors, exacto knife, crimper, etc.
  • extra cables of every kind - ethernet (RJ45), phone line (RJ11), coax, various power cables, SATA cables
  • power cable splitters - SATA to molex, etc.
  • M-F, M-M, F-F cables of every kind
  • parts to make cables
  • extra hardware - disposable USB drives, basic (and SHORT) video cards, sound cards, network cards, CD ROMs, floppy drives, media card readers, etc.
  • For each type of extra hardware - also have an external version
  • external HDD/SSD reader
  • bootable media of every kind (and that you can dispose of if needed / forgotten)
  • PSU tester (ignore -5v folks - it hasn't been used in a decade!)
  • modular cable tester that supports ethernet and phone lines.
  • Tone generator and probe (VERY useful)
  • laptop
  • mobile phone
  • various free apps on a PC / mobile phone can help you test out a wifi network and map it


I've probably forgotten some things, but this is a good start.

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