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Crackling and Choppy/Stuttering Sound with H1500


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I recently got the H1500, and during most games such as Warframe when about 80-90% of my CPU or RAM is being used my frame rate will drop and the sound will not completely cut out, but stutters, there is crackling and popping in both ears, and the slower my frame rate the worse it gets. I recently switched to this headset and my old one did not do anything like it.


I also saw a fix where you could change the audio quality from CD to DVD, but when I try to do anything in "advanced options" in playback devices for my headset my computer blue-screens and crashes.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks


EDIT: After several random crashes and restarts, it seems everything has fixed itself. I haven't actually done or installed anything new. I guess the drivers are just unstable or something for me and need to be fixed

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