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Corsair Value Select VS1GBKIT400C3 + Abit AV8 + Winchester CPU: Will it work?


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Hi all,


I have a question regarding the Corsair Kit "ValueSelect DIMM 1 GB (DDR400, 2x512MB, VS1GBKIT400C3)"


What happened first:

For my Abit AV8 Mainboard I ordered a Kit from Kingston Value 2 x 512 MB.

The RAM didnt work in my system at all, with 2 DIMMS installed it gave me a POST Code memory error (04) and with one it got stuck on Memory check (code 52, both award).


I sent them back and as a replacement my eye catched the Corsair Kit.

I would like to ask before though if the Memory really will work at all on 200 Mhz (400 DDR) and in dualchannel mode on the AV8 with a CPU with Winchester core and if thats tested and confirmed.


The reason why I ask is:

Before I got my Kingston ValueRam I have emailed both Kingston as well as Abit about the compatiblity and both said the RAM should work flawlessy and it didnt so yeah they lied to me which isnt really a nice thing to do to customers.


My Sys:

Abit AV8 Mainboard, BIOS 1.5

Athlon 64 Winchester Core 3000+


Thanks in advance,


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I fully understand what you mean, believe me I never understood why the Kingston Rams didnt work in the first place either.

In fact I NEVER worried about memory at all, I just bought it, plugged it in and it worked and now that.


So you guys think its safe to buy and try it?

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I just gave the company I got the Kingstons from a call and they said the RAMs I bought were defect.

Now THAT suprises me, BOTH brand new and both defect....weird... :confused:


It cant be that the Mainboard screwed them because there is my old Infineon RAM sitting in the slots where they were in and they work perfectly.

I guess they arrived broken already...

Lets hope the corsair will make it here not only in one piece, but functional! ;)

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