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Seems that not only myself are having issues with the 2.0.35 drivers. After installing them the 3d positioning on them was fantastic. Sound quality not so much....


Compared to the 1.1.1 drivers, the sound is tinny and distorted, like the quality has taken a severe drop.


There are a few ways to get round thid. Changing output to DVD quality helped a little, but not too much in my instance :/. I was using 1.1 on windows 7, but since I made the jump to windows 8.1, it really doesnt want to use the old version.

There is a way round this, run the 1.1.1 installer in Windows 7 Compatibility mode.

That should get you to where you need to be.


Going back to 1.1.1 The sound quality is tremendous, Compared to 2.0.35, instead of DVD quality, you can get studio quality 32 bit 96000hz! Couldnt get this with the new drivers. The difference between DVD quality and Studio on 1.1.1 is minimal but noticeable. The DVD quality compared from 1.1.1 to 2.0.35 is worlds apart. Hopefully this will be something Corsair can look into.

Till then I reccommend to use Studio 96K till the next drivers are solid. Also I found this setup gave me the nicest sound in nearly all forms in 7.1.




Just some suggestions that might help other 1500 users out there, and also sound suggestions for other headset owners :)



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