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HX850i vs AX860i


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i have 3 questions. i just ordered the hx850i (will probably ship today), but i am still not sure if i made the right decision, though from all my research they seem extremely similar.


1) will either install the same with a h100i, their pics seem like they each have different corsair link connections? as in plug into the h100i block the same? (i only have 2 usb headers and they are already being used, 1 by the h100i and the other by my front panel)


1a) is their a guide for a proper installation of either of these units with the h100i?


2) whats the difference between the 2 PSU's? is the AX series really that much better then the HX?


i know the ax860i has the following over the hx850i, am i missing anything

1) 860 has japanese caps

2) 860 is smaller

3) 860 has 10 more watts




1) the hx850i has fluid bearings (vs dual ball)(i am assuming fluid is better since the higher end units have that)

2) its $70 cheaper



did i make the best decision going with the hx? it came out to like $125 after rebates and tax/shipping. the ax860i will come out to $195 (not sure if its worth the $70 more)


if i am planning to overclock are either ok for my rig? i can also get the hx1000i for $144, but i dont know if its worth it right now.

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  • Corsair Employee

The HXi has Japanese caps as well.


The AXi is a digital PSU, so it responds better to transient loads, maintains better voltage regulation and reduced ripple.


That said, the HXi is very close to the AXi's numbers for all of these factors and is a very good PSU.

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