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M65 RGB Tracking


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Hi Guys,


Sorry to report but I have a M65 that doesnt seem to be tracking properly.

It seems to have been more noticeable since I got a very lovely MM600 for Christmas.

It seemed to track fine and then all off a sudden after half an hour of use it started to get sluggish and non responsive. Gave the PC a reboot and used it on my Razer Goliatus control and seemed to do the same thing.

I have up-to-date drivers, both Windows8.1 and Bios. Same goes with CUE and mouse FW 1.6. It has also always been used in a USB 2.0 port and I certainly have enough power with a Corsair RM850 PSU.

RMA'ing it may also be an issue. I got it for free after almost waiting 3 months for a replacement K95 (which works lovely BTW).


Thankfully in the meantime I can use my RAT5 without any issues.


Any Ideas or Suggestions are welcome.




*EDIT* Contacted Livechat and was told to RMA. Cheers.

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