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Dark Souls 1+2 Crash/Slow Loading


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I'd like to report that im having problems with my new keyboard which is the K70 RGB.

It works fine until i try to start Dark Souls: Prepare to die Edition OR Dark Souls 2


When i start either game, my LEDs stop flashing and blinking, they just stay whatever colour they were before. Also, the games dont work properly.

Dark Souls 1 doesnt start unless i unplug the keyboard, Dark Souls 2 takes forever to load.

All my drivers/firmware are up to date and i tested this on 2 different operating systems (Win7/8.1, both 64bit)


When i use another keyboard, i have none of these issues.


Im posting this from a freshly installed Win7 x64, no other software installed, just CUE.


Apart from that, i love the keyboard but this needs to be fixed.


Thanks in advance

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I don't have CUE, I have the Corsair Gaming Software that works with the K70.


By the way, do you have an xbox 360 wireless controller hooked up to your computer? I have one hooked up via a wireless adapter. I'm wondering if that driver conflicts with the Corsair software somehow and freezes the K70.

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I've had this annoying issue too!


I think I've found a solution. On your K70 RGB keyboard, there is a switch next to the cabling. Switch it to "BIOS" when you play. When I loaded up DS2:SotfS in Steam, it started the game very quickly. And I was able to continue my previous game very quickly too! There was no annoying delay with doing either two actions.


Switching the keyboard to "BIOS" is for added compatibility with computer systems. In particular if the DEL key did not allow you to enter the motherboards bios settings screen on startup.

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