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Issues..that need a FIX ASAP


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First of all I want to state that I do not only have a K70 RGB, but I also own, a Corsair Air 540 case, a H105 AIO Cooler and a M95 Mice and former owner of a K95 Keyboard...so nope, It's not a bashing per se or trolling Corsair tthread at all, but I'm worried of the level and quantity of issues I have passed with my keyboards...


I've own a K95 keyboard that just two weeks after I purchased it, it started to loose LEDS...by the time I was going to receive another, I decided to change it for a K70 RGB, where the LED issue was fixed (I have a friend who changed two times his K70 because of the dead LEDs in a two months period ending selling the last one for not trusting the product anymore) ...so far the LEDS are not dying but I have encountered a lot of issues with the keyboard and is quite clear that this is not a singular nor aisolated problem of MY keyboard, but more of almost every K70 RGB out there, at some point or another, someone will face:


1. Annoying Slow boot, annoying being nice when not almost freezing

2. Software crashes (the ammount and type of them can be read in this board)

3. Noise in the speakers produced by the keyboard (thought to be fair this also has to do with the "sensitivity" of certain speakers)...but cables with at least ferrite cord noise suppressor wouldn't hurt in such an expensive problem

4. Leds in white to tend to get slightly reddish/yellowish/ etc...I hope that this is not a sign of a major LED problem in the future

5. Marketing bull****: aka seven trillion colours...this last one? I really don't care, but doesn't take away that was quite a lame advert...


So to resume, I feel that we costumers are going to create 500 hundred threads with several particular issues, but this doesn't help that much when it's clearly a very buggy software and god knows if not some hardware ones in the future after what happen with the LEDS in non RGB products and I'm starting to have those yelowish/reddish keys...


SO THERE IS ONLY ONE THING WE COSTUMERS SHOULD ASK, and it's to actually FIX the all known issues with a NEW SOFT UPDATE or a REVAMP OF IT.


if not the policy by Corsair seems to be: the next line of products will take care of those isssues (see LED stuff with prior non RGB products)...BUT by that time I won't be the only one that will not buy again Corsair products.

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