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Cant download the software for my keyboard :C


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it says P/N "CH-9000069-NA, and i downloaded the Corsair Utility Engine for Corsair Gaming K65 RGB, K70 RGB, K95 RGB. So.. i didnt see the RGB behind the k70 :(. The only other one for k70 is from 12/03/2013, is it the one im looking for?
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Ok, so I'm correct. You have a normal K70 and are trying to use the software for RGB keyboards.


The only keyboard software with a date of 12/03/2013 is for a K40, not a K70.


The only download for your keyboard is the Firmware / documentation. It doesn't need any software to run.


Here's the link to the firmware / documentation: http://downloads.corsair.com/download?item=Files/Gaming-Keyboards/K70-setup-091913.zip

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