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Corsair 750D newb build questions.


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Hi I am new to PC Building. Im planning to use Corsair 750D with ASUS ROG HERO VII Motherboard. I have few questions with regards to that:


  1. The Case comes with "built-in" standoffs, is that correct? So the only thing I have to do is screw motherboard onto these "bumps"(standoffs).
  2. The middle standoff is replaced with guide pin, so I just put it through motherboard designated hole and leave it? (i.e. there are no screw/screw caps involved(?))
  3. I am only planning to use one SSD and no other HDD's. What would be the best place to put the SSD? I am thinking about using the "Vertical" SSD Caddy which is behind HDD cages.
  4. Is it good idea to remove two HDD cages if I don't plan to use them?
  5. I imagine removing HDD cages will leave "empty holes" that could be replaced by fans (2x 120MM AF Fans). Is that a good idea?
  6. If I place intake fans on bottom I would need to provide some sort of air-dust filter, because case doesn't supply one. What filters would be best? The DEMCFlex are super expensive..
  7. I am not sure how to plug-in the USB's that are in front of case panel. Does the case come with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Connector Module?
  8. Is there anything important I should know about this case?

Thank you

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1. Yes, the case standoffs are pre installed for an ATX motherboard. All you have to do is to screw the motherboard in.


2. Yes, no screw is required for the stand-off with guide on it. If you want to, You can replace it with a normal one if you want to.


3. The SSD can be mounted anywhere in the case with velcro as it does not contain any moving parts. Since the 750D has the vertical SSD trays, Might as well use them.


4. Yes, as it should improve airflow in your case. Make sure you keep them in case you need it the future.


5. It's optional but i would suggest monitoring the GPU and CPU temperatures without the bottom fans installed first as it may create extra unnecessary noise for very little improvement.


6. You don't have to use a dust filter for the bottom fans. Though if you do want one installed, You can make your own or buy a cheaper filter but the DEMCIflex filters are made to fit the case without any issues.


7. Yes, the motherboard will have USB 2.0 and 3.0 headers. Refer to the motherboard's user manual for front panel connections.


8. There might be a 750D front panel which has more "holes" for improved airflow for the front fans. If i recall correctly, if all goes well it would look similar to the 450D's front panel.

Thread link: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=123028

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Thank you Tosted, I will have a look at the front panels.

With regards to point:


2. Is there any advantage of replacing standoff guide? I will just stick to it I think


4. I want to remove two cages but use only one fan.. does it mean the second cage will leave empty hole in bottom of 750D?


Thank you

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A bit of ressurecting of the dead but:


I understand that Motherboard uses standoffs as ground. If I use guide pin instead of standard standoff there will be no ground in the middle of MB. Would that be a problem?

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