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Older h100 on new 2011v3?


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Alright.. so I'm upgrading my x58 g1 Assassin board to a new x99 G1 board, with a 5820k and of course, a Corsair Vengeance kit (4x4gb) and have done some searching around, and I'm not sure if I've got the screws in my kit (or bracket or whatever) to make it fit. It works perfectly, so I don't want to replace it.


On the box it doesn't show 2011 but online it does (older run perhaps?) work with 2011. Maybe the newer ones had an extra set of standoff screws or bracket? Looking at the pdf here shows the standoffs that are shorter and slightly larger in diameter (which I do have) are for 2011 so I think they'll work? I'm just confused.


New board shows in about a week, so I want to be ready.

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