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CS and AX SATA Cables Compatiblity


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I have a AX860i and a CS450M. The connections of the sata power cable (PSU-side) that came with each PSU are compatible with each other, though differently wired:



Black = Ground

Red = 5V

Orange = 3.3V

Yellow = 12V

The unused pin for each cable I colored white.


Can someone tell me, whether I can use the AX cable with a CS PSU? I'd need 5V on the the other centered pin as well obviously, but I have no clue what the CS PSU supplies on there, nor do I have the means of testing it. I tried pulling out the cable to reseat it in the other one (to make it identical with the CS cable), but it wouldnt budge :(

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If it's an 860i, the cables are compatible with a CX-M. Everything made after the AX1200i/AX Gold uses the "type 3" cables.

its a CS-M, not a CX-M. on the side of the AXi cable, it reads "TXM/HX/AXi only". The one that came with the CS-M states "Type 3".

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