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Hi, I came across this thread because I've been experiencing similar issues.


Initially I had a SeaSonic X-650 and it worked flawlessly but I ended up selling it and purchasing a Corsair AX760 to go along with the theme of my case--an apparent big mistake.


The AX760 had coil whine under load so I had to RMA it. Corsair sent me an AX760i instead, which was fine. Now about seven months after having the AX760i, I've been experiencing the same problem posted by the OP. My PC will just randomly shut off and I'll have a reboot loop until I unplug the computer. The odd thing is that I can get the PC to work again by pressing the self test button a few times.


I did not know until reading the entire thread that the PSU is supposed to be self tested while all cables are unplugged. I have yet to try that, but the LED has always remained green.


I'm wondering what exactly the self test button does specifically, and why pressing it a few times will get my system up and running. This is extremely frustrating because I purchased the Corsair AX line not only for its aesthetics but for its reliability.


I really do not have any time to devote to this issue. If I continue to experience this (it is intermittent) should I request an RMA?




Asus Maximus Gene-Z IV Gen 3

2x8GB Corsair Dominator 1866 DDR3

Evga GTX 670

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