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You would plug it into this adapter or i think a Cooling node would work.




I'd suggest you put in a support ticket. They will be able to confirm where the plugs go.




Is there a reason you want to plug it into the computer for LINK? I do not think there will be much to see and change in the software.

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i allways been that techy kinda guy like say corsair came out with a program that could make your old fans spin up faster corsair is a software that can do all this cool stuff like temp fan speeds lighting and everything else i allways been kinda like stoked about tech and new kinda software sence like i was 3 years old i touched and used my own computer and i messed around with it i love tech and i just allways wanted to see in what way is new tech going i like seeing data values i like seeing temps and power useage i love that kinda stuff
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