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Is this possible?

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Hi all!


I just got myself a K95 RGB, and I've been spending the past couple of hours getting familiar with the software. I've got this idea for a setup, that i wanna do, but as far as i can see, it isn't possible, or at least it's really annoying to do.


The idea is that when i press a key, a line (1 key wide ripple) is sent out in a random direction (or a preset one, depending on the key). A way to visualize it would be the original Nexus S live wallpaper. I'll like a screenshot below. I saw that gun profile, posted a couple of days ago, and the shot it fires is like what i want, but at a keypress, and without the gun of course.


I'm really not sure how to better describe it, so if you have anymore questions, please let me know!


Thank you in advance!





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Do you want it to be a constant animation or one where the four point come out with each key press ?


-Is working on the key press- lel


I'd prefer it to be a random direction, or atleast make it look like random by having a unique direction for each key, if that's what you mean.


As for the conversion tool, i'll have a look at it tomorrow. It's getting pretty late, so i need to go now.

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