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Type of keycaps on k70 rgb vs. regular k70


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As the title implies, I was hoping to find out whether the corsair k70 rgb has pbt or abs key caps, in addition to finding out whether the regular k70 has pbt or abs key caps. I was also hoping to find out if I can buy the regular k70 key cap set, even if I buy the k70 rgb keyboard.

Thanks in advance for the help,

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The K70 has Cherry MX switches, so yes, K70 key caps also fit the k70 RGB, as well as every other Cherry MX key cap.


Only the last row (ctrl, alt, win ...) is different. The ctrl key is 1.5 units, the win key is 1 unit and the alt is 1.25 units.


I bought for example these: Portal Key Caps


Same kind of plastic as the original ones.


Images: Picture1, Picture2

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