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Buzzing sound when audio is playing


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So i got a new headset: Corsair Vengeance 2100.

I got a little buzzing sound that starts exact moment i play any audio of some sort. It ca be a game, video or just a sound file. Same sound each time. When i pause the audio source the buzzing sound disappear after 6-7 seconds.

I had the same problem before and i managed to fix this but this was a few months ago and i dont remember how i fixed it.


EDIT: When i test the microphone in the Corsair control panel i get the same sound and its coming from the top left and top right "sound source"


EDIT 2: After looking around i have seen these images: http://gyazo.com/afd8afd644f1dfd7ed419e18d836d6bb and http://gyazo.com/a8230c90bedda890470e3179ad345680 First of all the first image is different for me. I can only change the first level and the line and microphone is gone for me. And the second picture shows that "Now playing 7.1" but for me it is 2.0 Is this a bug?

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I exchanged my headset where i bought it so now i got a new 2100 headset.


Now i just want to know how i should start so i can maybe avoid another error.


If i read the manual correctly i should start by charging the headset til the blinking light changes to green.


Than should i install the software and after that plug in the usb reciever thing for the headset and start my headset?

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Right I just made an account to help you so I'll be fast, when you activate surround sound 7.1 doesn't use Dolby but 5.1 and 2.0 use the Dolby feature and that buzzing sound is possibly caused by interference between your headset and where the receiver is place or just using wireless causes a slight buzzing noise. Hope that clears any mess you have up :)
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