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I have my K50 for about a little more than one year now and I'm affraid that he's colorblind or something else (My doctor refused to diagnose him any kind of disease...).

Let me explain (because it's christmas and I'm nearly not mad):

-First over all: the keyboard itself (keys entry) is plugged on the "low latency" USB 2.0 of my mobo. The USB passtrough is plugged on a USB 3.0 (no 2.0 left anyway).

-My Software and my firmware are both up to date.

-I have some random macros set on my profiles.


When I set the color to i.e green and choose the cycle (I don't know what the cursor is but I assume it's the speed of cycling) the colors of the keyboard doesn't correspond at all with the colors of the keybord shown on the software (green on the software may be pink or any color but green)... It's set to true color and to non-sleep mode activity.

However if I select static color without any cycle the color is the good one.


I also figured out that sometimes it doesn't want to change the color when I switch profile with my M1~3 keys...


Am I the only opne around here or is there any medication for my poor keyboard?

Thanks for taking care of my problem, merry christmas and happy new year! (oh gosh already yeah)

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Make sure to clear any existing groups before starting to assign colors. When you have groups setup, you can actually assign a static color to the 'background' and to the 'foreground(the group)'.


For example, let's say you would have a profile that has all keys blue, and then you'd try to make a group with your WASD keys and would like to have them yellow. If you don't clear the background color, they'll most likely be green. (Background/foreground colors mix)


To edit key colors for brightness, mode switch, etc, you need to right click on the key itself within CUE, and since those keys have multiple states, you will be able to assign a color to each of those states.



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I'm under the all lastest drivers for whatever on my PC.

I haven't got the time to flash my keyboard again and won't be since I go back to unif's appartment this evening... But thanks for the answer, I will try after my examinations!

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