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Poor Raid 0 performece (4X Force III)


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My windows was in bad condition so i did a complete reinstall.

What i did:

I updated the firmware on my 4 ssd`s, motherboard bios and reinstalled my pc.

Results: very poor raid 0 speeds see attachment.


I tried some different versions of the rapid storage driver and raid driver but There was nothing different in the speeds of all my benchmarks.


Everything runs on the newest drivers and firmware now.


what can i do now?

the speeds are to poor for being acceptable.


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Just to clarify you're using four Force 3 60 GB drives on the brown SATA ports, correct?


Test the speed with ATTO and post the results.


the write speeds stay to long behind and i have done 1.8GB/s + read

and yes everything is connected to the brown sata ports.


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