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Exactly how do I disconnect the 24-pin connector (RM850)?


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I'm trying to disconnect the 24-pin power connector of my Corsair RM850 PSU from my motherboard. You'd think it would be far too simple to require a detailed "how to", but that's just not the case for me!


Along one side of the connector is a plastic tab that seems to act like a lever to latch/unlatch the connector from the mobo. But which direction should I lever it to unlatch it for disconnection?


Should I use a flat screwdriver to press in closer to the connector edge (i.e. toward the pins), or should I pry it out farther from the edge?


I've tried it both ways several times, but the connector never detaches. I would use more force, but I am justly afraid of doing it backwards and breaking the clip off!


Stupid question or not, I urgently need an answer (I'm working on the mobo right now). Different PSU manufacturers design this clip differently, and I need to know how it's done on the Corsair RM850.



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Wow! That sucker must really be in there. :D:


Just squeeze the tab IN. Don't pry it out.


The tab should be grabbing onto another tab that's on the motherboard's connector.


This is the best picture I could find of the two mating surfaces: http://www.fonerbooks.com/power/20pinatx.jpg



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The clip has a little triangle thing that slides up another triangle and gets stuck after it goes over it. You push the top of the clip to lift it. It works like a seesaw. Sorry for the terrible drawing, but I suck at art and this is the best I can do.



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