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Please help with Corsair Link


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Hi folks,


i'm having a lot of problems getting Corsair Link to work

in order to control my cooling fans. My main goal is to have my fans RPM automatically regulated, depending on temperature sensor inputs. And have them stopped completely when the temperatures are safe to do so.


I started looking for fan control software and since most of the parts in my computer are from Corsair (CPU cooler, fans, case, SSDs and PSU), i naturally turned to Corsair Link, hoping they could all be controlled in one single program (which should be possible according to the software description).


I have an H100i, hooked up to a USB2.0 header with the USB cable, the single RPM wire from the pump connected to the CPU-Fan header on the motherboard, and powered with the SATA cable, all in accordance with the instructions in the manual. But in Corsair Link i'm getting a 0.0 degrees temperature from from the H100i, and also 0.0 for most of the temperature sensors of my motherboard. This is a problem for me, because i want my radiator fans RPM to be dependant of the water temperature.

The weird thing is, that when i go to my system tray, and right-click on the CL icon, it gives my all the temperature data from all sensors. But when i open up the CL window, they all show as 0.0.


After reading on these forums, i noticed that many problems from users were solved with the Commander mini. So i bought the Commander mini. I disconnected the H100i USB from my MB. Connected the H100i to the commander, and then hooked up the commander to the USB header on my MB instead of the H100i. This made no difference. I still got the fan RPM values and LED colour and stuff, but many sensor data with 0.0 including the H100i (please see attached screenshot).

Again right clicking on the system tray will show all the temperatures correctly. Which tells me CL IS getting all the sensor data inputs correctly, but somehow fails to display it in the main screen and therefore can not be processed for actual use (but this is just my conclusion, because i'm not a software guy).


My question: What is causing this, and how do i solve it?



I also can't get CL to start automatically upon Windows start-up.

And is CL somehow able to stop the fans from turning below a certain temperature?


I hope you can help me because the possibilities of this program look very promising. I just can't seem to get it to work properly.


Many thanks in advance,





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I would follow Wytynt's advice with those 2 versions. 2.4 was the first one that worked for me (Win 7x64), but success varies with different motherboards.


You will not be able to shut off the fans completely. They have a minimum voltage and corresponding minimum RPM they must turn. Maybe someone out there makes a fan controller than can do this, but it won't work with Corsair Link. You can find some low rpm/low decibel fans to take their place. Read up on some site like silentpcreview.com or any of the sites that specialize in making quiet set-ups. They love to talk about fans. Look for a model with a low starting voltage/rpm. You will give up some cooling at the high end by running lower fans speeds, but this shouldn't be an issue unless your are a graphics professional or serial overclocker. After that, you can create your own custom fan profile with Link to address your needs, or just manually shift from a low fixed setting for normal use to a more moderate fan speed for heavier tasks.

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Okay, thanks for the help guys. And for the quick response.

Where can i find these older versions of C-Link?


I can only find the latest version here on the site.

Maybe Corsair should make seperate download links for different Operating Systems. Because to my knowledge Windows7 still is a very popular O.S...


Market Share - Operating Systems






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Thanks guys,

i installed version 2.3.5110, as suggested

and that one seems to be working fine with Windows7 :sunglasse


Now for my next question (if you don't mind');

one of the components i wanted to use Corsair Link for is my RM750 power supply.

The RM750 does have a C-Link port (which is one of the reasons i chose to buy a PSU from the RM-series)

and my H100i also has a free C-Link port available.


How do i hook up my RM750 to my H100i?

And where can i get this cable? I checked all the cables that came with the RM750, the ones that came with the H100i and also the ones that came with the commander mini, but none of them fit...






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Have a look at http://www.corsair.com/en-us/support/faqs/corsair-link. It says:


Connecting an RM Series PSU to Corsair Link

Because the RM series uses an analog signal to send information about the fan speed and +12V rail’s load to the “C-Link” connector on the unit’s modular interface, an optional Corsair Digital Bridge or a Corsair Link Cooling Node is required in order to convert the analog signal to a digital signal.


The Digital Bridge consists of two pieces. Connect the four pin connector to the “C-Link” port on the RM Series’ modular interface. This is the cable that is included with the RM power supply.

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The RM Series PSU will require an analogue to digital cable in order to see the PSU in the LINK software. You can purchase the cable directly from Corsair.




There is also a blog article showing how it works, based off it. In my opinion, i do not really see the point of connecting the RM PSU to the LINK software.


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