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I just threw this profile together. I got the idea from another profile that was uploaded called The Matrix. I didn't like that it wasn't always backlit, so I gave every key a low brightness backlight and upped the number of "falling bits" across the board. They start out looking pretty similar but due to the different duration on each group they will all offset eventually. It may still need some tweaking here and there but I thought I would upload it anyway. Hope you all enjoy.




Shout out to Reapexx for helping me figure out how to copy lighting profiles a little easier.


With this new knowledge I was able to make this profile a little more complex and resemble the Matrix a little more. The keys now start out whiter when falling and fade to the darker green as the bits do in the matrix. The background color is now also a darker blue color, which I like more than that red. The red/green was to much like Christmas and that's over now. Feel free to update and improve this, let me know if you do!







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Looks awesome. i just picked up my K65 and am trying to figure out how to make custom profiles, i thought i was doing good until i saw this forum. also, hiccup lol

Thanks! Glad someone is enjoying it!


It takes some getting used to. The software is buggy and pretty rudimentary, but you can do a lot, that's for sure.


Also, funny you noticed, I had the hiccups for over 3.5 hrs that day, supposedly a side effect of wisdom teeth removal.


EDIT: Just thought to add this in case you get discouraged. This profile idea was posted before and it was rather simple. I started from scratch for mine. It took about an hour to get the first version (no white), and then I had to ask the forums how to add lighting (select keys, hit "Lighting Effects" in the bottom right, drag lighting to the keys), to the groups more efficiently. Without knowing that this would have taken easily several hours, with that it took about another hour or two to get it working the way I liked it. I also had a ton of playing around time to get used to CUE before I made this, being off work for wisdom teeth removal gave me some free time =]

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I wish this worked for K70 RGB. :(




I would try to make it work for you but I don't know how to modify it for the other boards, and i would have no way of testing it XD


Someone posted this (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=134330&highlight=converting). They said it's capable of converting these profiles though I have not attempted to use it yet. Only one profile so far that I downloaded didn't work, but I found another similar one. Other profiles for K70s just don't light my G keys and I can usually copy the "code" to make them work.


If you get it converted feel free to submit it to the forums, I'm not sure if you can attach to replies.

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I like it, but it wanted to over-write a bunch of previous settings, which I let it do. However when I click away from the Corsair software it reverts back to the default setting.


Sorry to hear people are having issues. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that, but with every profile I have downloaded from this site I have to click the list button by the profile and select "Set as Default Profile" or they all switch back when I go to another program. I'm pretty sure that is intended. If you mean something else by that I can try to help, but honestly I'm not that great with CUE yet. If something isn't set to Default it shouldn't show outside of CUE as far as I know.

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Great stuff! I manage to change the profile when the matrix screensaver activates. You cannot configure this with the corsair software. A trick is to set a dummy exe file and export the profile. Then use an editor to change the process that should activate the profile. It is all XML and pretty easy to understand. Just enter the path and filename to the screensaver which mostly is a .scr file.
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