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M65 RGB and New Software problem


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Why there are 2 miceS with software? I've only one...




I can set polling rate different (500 and 1000) Which is mine!?


But when I check "disable device lightning" both control light!??!


What I understand; corsair never check their softwares with every product. They focused to only keyboards... They really don't care with their mice. I asked severeal times from support, no answer...


Check your bios etc...


Software : 1.3.70


Mouse quality is well, but software is garbage... Your software development team must work hard and must test it with every product.

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Actually I did just uninstalled previous version and installed new one... Than I checked your tip and removed hidden HIDs (all of them) But now your crap software can't find mice...




And quit from software, re-started; the same; 2 mices...





If this mice has a problem, I want to change...

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