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GS700 runs 100% at all times


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Just built a gaming rig for my son with a Core i5 4670K and a Geforce GTX 970. There is 8GB of pc1600 in the machine.


Long story short....the fan runs at 100% all the time. It never slows down at all. Idle, sleep, etc.....it sounds like a turbine.


I've enabled/disabled any C7 or sleep settings, but nothing works. I have Corsair PSU's in all of my home and work machines, and they are quiet. This GS700 re-certified from Newegg is simply too loud.


It's mounted on the bottom of the case, and I've removed the filter/screen on the case to allow more flow. I've even opened the window in the room to cool the room down....it just never slows down a single RPM. I'm thinking the "thermostat" to slow it down is bad.


Should I put in for an RMA, or is there something else I can look at to at least allow my kid to actually sleep at night? Seriously, the fan is running so hard, I doubt it'll last a year at this rate.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Sounds like they made sure all of the output voltages were within spec, but didn't bother to check to make sure the fan controller was operating correctly.


Bad unit. RMA it.


I've sent an RMA request. Hopefully that's what's wrong

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