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M65 Feedback / M70 Wishlist


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So I currently own a Logitech G500 from 2009 and I'm looking to replace it. I own a black Corsair K70 keyboard which I love, so I went and bought the black Corsair M65 to match it.


I tried the M65 for a few days but ended up returning it because of the following reasons. These reasons can be considered as feedback for the M65 or a wishlist for the M70 which I think will be the M65 successor.

  • The grip on the right side is too short, leaving the aluminum exposed. My pinky finger is supposed to rest here but now it can't which is very distracting.
  • Sometimes I couldn't distinguish the two thumb buttons from each other which caused me to press the wrong one. It looks like the thumb buttons on the Corsair Sabre mouse don't have this problem. Corsair, please redesign the thumb buttons or use the same thumb buttons as the Sabre mouse.
  • The black K70 has red LED's but the black M65 has blue LED's. Corsair, please colormatch these products by making the blue LED's red. Of course I could buy an RGB version but I don't want to have to use software to accomplish this.
  • The sniper button is glossy which doesn't complement the matte look of the rest of the M65 in my opinion.
  • Put the classy Corsair logo on there, not the Corsair Gaming tramp stamp.

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