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Volume Scroller Issue


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Just got a Corsair K70 black with cherry keyboard for Christmas. Everything works like a charm with the exception of the volume scroll. It turns the volume up just fine, but when I try to turn the volume down it doesn't work.


Best way to describe it, the volume sorta spazzes out when I try to scroll it down (basically stays in place but you can se it go up and down a small amount on the on-screen display).


First thing I did was hit the Corsair support site and downloaded and installed the most recent BIOS. After that I hit the forums and tried the HID service restart.


I use 64-bit windows 7 on a Dell XPS laptop. I do use a USB hub (because I have a limited number of slots and I need 1 for my mouse and another for my laptop stand). I did try plugging directly into the laptop and have the same issue. For the purpose of testing I took the laptop up to my desktop and the same thing happens. I also downloaded the CUE software but that doesn't seem to have any impact whatsoever on the functionality of the volume scroller that I could see.


I'm not too worried about it, but with a brand-new keyboard (and not a cheap one) I'd like to see if I can't figure out what's wrong.

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