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h100i light blue light


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I resently reinstalled my corsair cooler to try and see if it can still cool.the light blue light is still blinking little slower but it still keeps my cpu cool I just recently upgraded to a 8350 from a 965 phenom running on a crosshair IV which I am surprised that it worked because the 8350 isn't on the cpu list I had to do this because my brand new sabertooth board was literally on fire and burnt up on Christmas morning so my question is is my corsair ok to use even if the light is still blinking I was un able to get the corsair link to work to see if it is just the light under load in bf4 I am getting 43c there is a mild down clock to 4.1 or 4.2 from when I had it in the sabertooth it was hitting 4.3 but was going way up over 55c with the stock cooler any thoughts
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