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Raptor K50 and Mac OS Question


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I wanna get my wife this keyboard as she is still playing with the apple keyboard that came with her iMac and she says she is tired of it. The K50 will be on sale tomorrow so I thought I'd get her that one as I already own a K65 and it is awesome. However, she wants a backlit keyboard, and I know the software for the K50 doesn't work on Mac OS. She is not worried about the programmable keys, however she would like to change the color of the keyboard.


So what I'd like to know is:


1- Does the keyboard light up red by default without any software installed? I saw you can change the intensity with a button on the keyboard but does that at least work out of the box?


2- If I plug the K50 in my PC and change the color via the software, does that get saved in the internal memory of the keyboard so that when I plug it back in her Mac the settings will stay the same?


Hope someone can answer that for me. :biggrin: I know it's Christmas day and that the sale is tomorrow, so it's a bit last minute!

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