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Does Not Power Off


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I just got a replacement or my old K70 RGB that had physical flaws and a lot of software issues.


Right now, I didn't upgrade the firmware to 1.15 and am currently using the 1.3.70 CUE software.


I am booting fine and launching Steam without a single problem whatsoever, unlike I was with my old K70 RGB with the 1.15 firmware, but the only problem is that my current K70 RGB doesn't power off and the lights stay lit when my PC is off.


Must I upgrade the keyboard's firmware and risk the probably imminent Steam crashes and booting errors or is there another solution?


Please... help Corsair...

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The latest firmware and software addressed some bugs and the 'always on' issue.


I've never had any issues with Steam & CUE, so I can't safely say whether or not 'those things' were addressed while you were waiting for your replacement.


But always on is something that was resolved with the 1.15 firmware.

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