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It would be my AX750?


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Every time it runs out of power in the neighborhood my PC will not turn on, I do not use the UPS. The first time it happened I could not restart the PC, it just did not turn on on the first try.


There are similar cases reported on Intrernet and the solution was pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds, then release and press again. It worked!


But the time to be pressing is increasing, the last time was about 3 minutes pressing. But when the PC turned on everything seems normal.


It would be my AX750? Or may be another problem, or some power supply protection... any suggestions?


Intel i7 2600K + Asus P8P67 De Luxe + 8Gb memory + Corsair AX750 + Cooler Master HAF case.

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There's probably an inrush when the power comes back on that triggers the PSU's safety mechanism.


You should flip the main switch on the back of the PSU off, wait about five seconds, and then flip it back on before hitting the power button on the front of the case.


And get a UPS.

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