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SP2500 Heat


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I've had a couple of weird noises from my SP2500 which I am going to put down to room acoustics (I had to change where the right speaker was temporarily). I did have to turn this set down once because it was distorting but it was loud enough that I thought it reasonable (and I don't think heat related). I do monitor the temperature of my electronics being that it's Summer at the moment and I live in Australia. I was wondering how hot is too hot for the heatsink on the subwoofer to get? I have a fan blowing over the PC and incidentally that hits the sub, which I've left for the moment. I ask because it did get hot a couple of days ago (although it didn't feel especially to my person); temperature wise it was hotter than what these speakers had been through previously. I keep the speakers in a living room that's fairly protected from sunlight etc but I don't have my aircon pulled out just yet. I'll continue testing but I'd really just like to know what's a normal limit before I start thinking they are overheating.


Merry xmas!

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