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CUE Incompatible with Win 8.1?


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Hello, as the title says, I cannot get CUE to install on my Win 8.1 64 bit system. I have tried to take a half hour or so to read up if anyone had encounter similar issues but frankly, I cannot find it. Here's the error that comes up each time trying to install it.



I've read up on the problems such as Steam having a interface issue with it where it would cause it to crash/not load. I have tried that and I still recieve said error. I'm slightly disappointed to not be able to use such a creative program. :/ Just looking for some insight or help as to fix the issue. I'll post required specs/logs etc.

Edit: Forgot to mention I have the K70 Cherry Red MX keyboard.



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This is what I would do, its up to you if want to do this.


1. Goto Programs and Features, if you see CUE in installed programs, uninstall it.

2 Goto C/ drive under Programs(x86), look for a folder called Corsair, if its there delete it.

3. Disconnect the board, reboot PC.

4. After PC reboot, depending on how you want to connect it, either one connector with the keyboard diagram into a 3.0 USB or if your using 2.0 USB, connect the connector with the usb symbol into a 2.0 first, than connect the one with the Keyboard diagram into the other 2.0 USB.

5. Install new CUE 1.3.70 Gaming Version.


This is up to you.

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