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Key Specific Type Lighting


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Part of what the built-in "type lighting", which affects all keys, can do is able to be manually programmed to affect one key--the following procedure will let you allows you set a single key to exactly match the speed settings and two-color choice (but not the random color choice, AFAIK), but you can do even more.


1. Define your own lighting effect in the Lighting tab, that will be like Type Lighting.

2. In the Assignments tab, set one key to a new keystroke action so it behaves like before, but assign the lighting effect you created in step 1.


The attached file for K95 RGB demonstrates this concept, as you can see in mode M3 for key F1.

The escape key shows what happens if you assign the lighting effect directly to a key, rather than as a key assignment.


Modes 1 and 2 show how to map lighting to the WinLock key and have it switch modes between one where the windows key is remapped.

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