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Your Space bar rattles and loud? (sound recorded)


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Hi all Vengeance users!


Vengeance K65 Keyboard just arrived. I'm excited that I can begin to use this keyboard. But I have one question.


Even when I tapped (not fully push down a key) it rattles, clatters and makes clickey high pitched sound.

Recorded sound (google drive)

(I'm just touching the surface of the space bar in the video except the part I'm demonstrating actual typing sound.)

Do you have the same phenomenon with your vengeance keyboard?


I understood that stabilizer rattles when key pressed. But it's already loud without actual typing. I thought it's not normal as my other Cherry MX Red keyboard's space bar isn't that loud or doesn't rattles like this.




Vengeance K65 Keyboard

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Just tried this at home with all of my 3 keyboards; K95 RGB, an Eclipse I & II and they all rattle and make noise in a similar way. It is the widest key, and has 2 stabilizers that are quite far apart.


I think it's just a physical limitation of how much you can have it stiff without having the press feel uncomfortable? I would be curious to see a keyboard with 3 actual switches for the spacebar, not sure if that makes sense.



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Thanks for your time. That's interesting. I also suspected that the cause is physical limitation. But other brand keyboard I have doesn't rattle as this.


This is not my video, but it may be interesting to watch.

[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n51xNM1CA1U]Space bar rattle test video[/ame]

They are damped or at least look stayed until it begins to be pressed.

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