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How to save the profile for action?


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I have just bought a k95 rgb and I am really confused with the software CUE. I have downloaded a profile from the forum and import it into the CUE. The light LED performs magnificently but it only performs at the time I stay in the CUE. Whenever I move to another window such as Chrome, Word or simply minimize the CUE window, the currently Light effect goes away and the Led restore to the defualt setting with three buttons m1,m2,m3. I can't find the button "save" or "apply" in the CUE window.
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First off right click the profile to the right of its name and "save as default"

If it still reverts to the red/white go to the right bottom of your taskbar and right click cue

And set profile switch to automatic mode.


Happy Holidays ;)

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