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Corsair Sabre RGB double clic bug.


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I recently bought a Corsair Sabre RGB Optical, and after 1 day of use, I noticed a bug on the left clic of the mouse. When I press the left clic 1 time, it makes a double clic, not everytime, but way to often to be a casual bug.

It's very noticable when trying to open banners, it simply do not open the banner due to the double clic bug.

I've contacted the reseller where I bought my mouse, and they'll probably send me a new one, but I wanted to warn you about that issue, that can be really annoying. Hope you will find a way to fix it, or at least the reason of the bug.


Sorry if my english is not perfect (i'm french), but if there is something you didn't anderstand and you want me to clarify it just answer here i'll be checking the forum.



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