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Asus p5ad2 premium


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The new LGA775 systems use PCI-Express, DDR-II memory, and a technically new CPU (even if they still call it a P4) which all use more juice than their older counterparts.


The new 24-pin ATX was designed to give the mainboard another 12v rail, I believe, to help provide more voltage and stability.


You could buy a 20 to 24-pin converter, but if you spent the cash on all that nice hardware, I wouldn't reccommend it as you'd still be running off of a PSU that wasn't designed for it.


For your system, I would go out and buy a new PSU with a 24-pin ATX line and at least 500w or more.


Thermaltake has a very nice 680 Watt PSU with an active PFC HERE.


Antec has a 480 Watt version HERE, but it doesn't have as many rails or extra connectors as the Thermaltake.




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