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Replace default K70 light profile?


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I have the latest CUE and Firmware for my K70 RGB, and right now when I boot my computer, or use the keyboard without the CUE software loaded, it's in the default out of box configuration of having the WASD and arrow keys white, while the remainder of the keyboard is red.


I've saved a static lighting profile to the device memory, but when the computer boots/reboots; whenever the CUE software unloads, the keyboard goes back to the mfg default lighting configuration.


Is there a way to overwrite the default settings of this keyboard so that it uses a specific static lighting profile as it's non-software loaded hardware profile?


Also, I thought that was the whole point of having a profile loaded to device memory? So far what I can tell, having a profile loaded to device memory does absolutely nothing. It's pretty useless.



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well, it works for me?! I right click my profile and click "Safe Profile To Device Memory". Done. I can now quit CUE, or plug it into my macbook/other pc and it works...


Cue version and firmware up to date? 1.2.77 and firmware 1.15 for my K70. It's plugged in via USB 3.


No animations at the moment though. Maybe they will give us that feature in the future. I don't know if the keyboard is equipped with enough memory for that.

But static color works for me.

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