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What do I do with a single light out on my K95 after a week of purchase?


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I bought myself a stunning Corsair K95 for Christmas this year and I've have it for about a week now. The key '9' has unfortunately lost it's backlighting and really does change the entire look of the keyboard having a single light out. The key does still work, just the light has stopped working. I have tried all 3 different profiles and tried turning it on holding down the key to select which LEDs should be lit up and still nothing. I assume the LED itself has to be replaced.


I still have the 2 year warranty on the keyboard but I don't want to send off my keyboard during the Christmas period as it will be quite some time before i'll be able to get it back again. Let alone by the time it will take for the package to get to Corsair and back to me again. Is there any way I can get this sorted as It's only a minor defect as i'll be without a keyboard for some time.



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