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Corsair K70 rgb OSX support


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Ok ill start this off by apologizing if this is posted here often, just made my first account today. Recently, i gained a LOT of interest in mechanical keyboards. I say the Corsair k70 rgb and immediately wanted it. Comparing this to the only competitor i could find, that being the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, its quite apparent that the K70 is superior. I would've ordered it right then and there except for 1 major problem. The Utility Engine software that is used to run the profiles is not on mac.


With steam pushing towards enabling more and more games on OS X mac users have been able to play more games. With the major increase in mac gamers i feel that the program should be ported over. I would love to buy the K70 except I may be forced to get the cheap Razer one because its available on Mac. Thank you for your time.

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